• Fix radius upto 2” o.d.
  • Variable radius 4 exes, left & right upto 45 mm o.d.
  • Tube rolling upto 3” o.d.


  • Up to 900 ton capacity.
  • Steel and aluminum seats capability.
  • Accessto qualified & expert die designers & manufacturers.


  • Up to 3” o.d. steel & aluminium tubing formers.
  • Your creativity is the limit.
  • Accessto qualified & expert die designers & manufacturers.


  • Up to 50 mm o.d.
  • Access to qualified & expert die die designers & manufacturers.

End forming

  • Up to 38 mm. o.d.
  • Access to qualified & expert die designers & manufacturers.
  • We have 17 aluminum and steel mig process welding stations.
  • We are one of the few metallic furniture manufacturers that weld aluminum with pulse over pulse process.
  • We assemble our tubular products with templates to ensure the uniformity of the pieces. Our fishmouth cutting process guarantees a better assembly of the welded pieces, aside from providing more resistance, a better look, and joints with a better fit.
  • After the pieces are welded, they go to the polishing and sanding process to eliminate burrs or welding sparks, thus preparing them for the painting process.
We are the only metallic furniture company that uses dunk- washing systems to guarantee the finish and durability of our tubing furniture.
These systems clean any impurities on the inside or outside of the metal, removing all grease, signs of oxidation and solvents, leaving the material 100% prepared to receive the first coat of paint.

Our dunk-washing process consists of 8 steps:

1.-Paint stripping.


3.-Degreasing at a temperature of 150º F for 10 minutes.


5.-Parkerizing at a temperature of 150º F for 10 minutes, producing an anti-corrosion iron protective film that also favors the adherence of the paint.


7.-The phosphate sealer process forms a layer that covers the metal and acts as an adhesive between the base metal and the paint film in order to improve their appearance and avoid corrosion.

8.-Drying oven at 420º F.

This cleaning system makes the material completely grease and rust-free, preparing the material inside and out for the painting process.

Once the painting process is completed we carry out random tests to ensure the finish and the correct application and compliance of the properties we offer.

Our paint process results in:

More than 95% of efficiency: we have 4 booths of 6 filters each one to recover all the powder the pieces did not take, together with our Nordson powder spray systems.

Flexibility: we have 2 batch operated ovens to cure the paint, where we can apply 4 colors of paint at the same time.

  • 7 step immersion surface treatment.
  • Technical support & testes.
  • Film thickness control.
  • 4 spray booths & nordson powder spray system.
  • 2 batch ovens.
Seat base & table top

We make the seat bases and manufacture the covers of different metallic furniture.

  • Squaring machine.
  • 46” round table coppy shaper 50 mm head 4 knife.
  • Plywood presses.
  • PVC edge banding.
Seat Up Hostery

We have a large sewing workshop where we design and produce all kinds of upholstery and chair cushions as required.


  • Semiautomatic and manual sewing machines.
  • 2 presses for seat upholstery.
  • Fabric and syntetic materials.

Once the plastic plugs and caps are in place, each piece is inspected for clearance.

Our packaging system is the final touch of our strict process, and it ensures that our tubular product reaches its destination in optimal conditions.

  • We can meet all your package specifications.
  • Carton boxes and pallets.
    Prototypes and toolings

    We create prototypes and manufacture our own fixtures and tooling to meet all kind of tubing furniture, using specific materials to cover your projects needs.